Google Adsense How To

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1. Sign up for an account and advertise

Into the Google Adsense site, click on the home page, "Sign Up" button, fill out the application form to enter the page. Follow the prompts to enter the URL, language, as well as information such as account type. Prior to the submission of information, it is recommended to read the statute running AdSense.
Wait a few days, if the account is approved, there will be an application submitted by the registered e-mail sent to the mailbox, then you can place ads on the site.

2. Analysis points AdSense income

Google AdSense ads Union has been the most important channels for profit site, but the default background AdSense statistics only basic impressions and click-through rate, such as simple data, these statistics can not fully reflect the specific circumstances of your ads. Here to teach you how to add the Analytics code statistics, statistics skillfully AdSense ad clicks, and then through the statistics for your ads are optimized to obtain higher advertising revenue.

3. AdSense payment and extraction methods

Ad site, log in Adsense management background, you can click to see a detailed list of information and advertising when the advertising costs account for 10 dollars, will be to fill out an application similar to the address to send a postcard kind of PIN cards , which used to confirm the PIN code, and only through the PIN authentication only after Google paid advertising.
When the advertising account up to 100 U.S. dollars in commissions, you can use the check-collection methods or the way of Western Union Extraction advertising.

4. Note AdSense

Application information be correct. Adsense accounts for each application require a manual review, it is the correct account information must be guaranteed. This is not only with the ability to apply through the relevant, but also related to the future will be charged the normal advertising. It should be noted that, once the application is successful Adsense account, the payee name can not be changed.