Task-Based Language Teaching in Rural Junior English Teaching

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This paper mainly approaches on the basic definitions, characters and advantages of the task-based language teaching (TBLT) theory, combine with author’s teaching practice in Hai Hu middle school to analyze the steps and discusses the application of the TBLT in English teaching, compare with the traditional Present, Practice, Produce (PPP) approach which used by other teachers, highlights its advantages in practice. Then, find the existing problem through analyzing the student-orient, at last, refer to the solution.

Key Words task-based language teaching (TBLT); Present, Practice, Produce (PPP); Hai Hu middle school;student-orient;teacher-orient

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The Application and Effect of Rhetoric in English Lyrical Songs

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Rhetorical device is a peculiar skill in each language, which reflects the characteristics of culture involved. Rhetoric is widely used in speeches, advertisements, poetries and English lyrical songs. This article focuses on the application and effect of rhetoric in English lyrical songs, in which I find simile, metaphor, alliteration, rhyme, personification, hyperbole, synaesthesia, transferred epithet and repetition made the best use. They convey the singers’ mood, feelings and emotion, and also make the language lucid, lively and easy to sing, read and remember. English lyrical songs are becoming more and more popular among people. The more you know about the Application and effect of Rhetoric in English lyrical songs, the better you understand them.

Keywords: rhetoric, rhetorical devices, application, effect, lyrical songs

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The Selection and Translation of Polysemic Words

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Polysemy is a universal feature of all languages, including the English language. It causes a great deal of trouble to the English learners. This thesis focuses on the definition of polysemy, and the relationship of each item in polysemic words, i.e. “concatenation” and “radiation”. When translating English into Chinese, we should get the exact meanings of the polysemic words according to their context, thereby eliminating words’ ambiguity and making their meaning specific.

Key words: polysemy; context; connotation

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Antique table Regal advocate of choice in Europe

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Antique table Regal advocate of choice in Europe

Hot collection of antique table began in the mid 80s of last century, when the United States, France and Japan, and Southeast Asian countries are invariably set off a wave of panic buying an antique table.
The gold Cartier watches, introduced in 1921, has been maintained to the 70's of last century before it was discontinued. Please take note of the table to have the fine jewelry effect, due to unexpectedly pleasant, it is enduring, but also affect the market outlook, the design of Cartier watches. This is also the right of the Cartier watch antique table at home variety, style grotesque novel. It was born in 1928; no matter how the market reflects, in short, its appearance alone had been very easy to be remembered.

The gold antique watches Cartier launched in 1921, has been maintained to the 70's of last century before it was discontinued. Please take note of the table to have the fine jewelry effect, due to unexpectedly pleasant, so enduring antique table, also affected the market outlook, the design of Cartier watches. This is also the right of the housekeeping variety Cartier, new style grotesque. It was born in 1928; no matter how the market reflects, in short, its appearance alone had been very easy to be remembered.

Panerai was born in 1860 in Florence, Italy to the list of city, local, and city hall is as famous as David. Although the firm started by the tab, but in the First World War "duties, " fully engaged in military production, a wide range of precision machinery manufacturing. Watch in their own scientific and technological strength accumulated over the years, focus on manufacturing high-precision sight Panerai, depth gauge and fish such as the detonator; resulted famous. This figure MARE NOSTRUM-52MM, is modeled on the Panerai for the Italian Navy in 1943 and the supply of watch making expertise, even the most minute details are identical with the original, the movement derived from the U.S. anti-China movement, the use of old The military green woven strap

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Drink a business line? Teach new tactics maintenance lazy Americans

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Drink a business line? Teach new tactics maintenance lazy Americans

Entertainment "business lines"the topic of swirling speculation, so many women crazy, as if the cleavage is deeper, longer, on behalf of the business more successful. Some also said to be still young to the young models to work with friends to expand business lines similar to breast.

Many women do not mean the network share the results of running a business line, whether to eat, wipe, or use of fitness equipment in the hope chest UP again UP some. Breast Students can recommend a lotion with massage, SPA water column to create a beautiful breast shape; OL Hsiao Mi, said that she is to absorb nutrients through food, like peanut stewed pig, pork ribs soup green papaya, papaya milk, are Word of mouth is the printing of full breasts make delicious dishes.

Nicknamed "lazy Americans" is a model Cindy said she was impatient to do things, to expand a business plan is often halfway line, there are times when she went to work abroad and found that the concentration of a drink drink "real women の nutrient rich" , As long as the daily maintenance of the morning to drink a bottle after a meal, did not expect to buy now Taiwan is too convenient.

Industry, said, "real women の nutrient abundance" Sea of Japan to Taiwan Pingtung scientists selected high quality flower varieties of papaya, papaya tree, from which the juice extracted from the stem and flower, as containing a wealth of papaya enzyme, for women Development of great help to the chest, and added into the Kudzu powder, lactic acid bacteria ... and other plant herbal extracts, can be made ??through a proprietary technology of the vial of concentrated essence, declared that as long as women make up the business line of nutritional needs, the cup will be able to easily upgrade.

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The Wedding of Charlie Prince and Kate

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The eye-catching Century wedding ceremony of Charlie and Kate appeared to be ended on April 29, 2011. Prior to the wedding ceremony, people are always really curious about the wedding dresses of Kate, princess-in-waiting. We're certainly quite curious, simply because we usually do not know something with regards to wedding dressesof Kate. Someone suppose that the bridal dresses of Kate is going to be simple and classic and that I supposed that the woman's wedding dresses maybe lace wedding dresses, due to the fact lace is ideal for her.

In fact, Kate's bridal dresses is actually bac bridal gowns. It is a attractive bridal gowns intended by an extremely famous designer. This wedding dress in ukis quite glamorous due to the fact it employs a good deal of lace, like sleeves and bridesmaid veil. The neckline on this wedding ceremony gown is relatively conservative, search likes somewhat U, although not very very low.

This wedding gown was praised by several folks. Folks imagine that this lace marriage ceremony gown is very appropriate for her temperament. Kate looks so exquisite and grace. The Century wedding ceremony is quite good results, so this lace wedding gown of Kate is going to be well-known around the world, and I believe many females like to wear a wedding gown like Kate. It's no doubt that bassine bridal gowns is going to be the pattern of wedding dresses 2011.

The marriage ceremony dress of Kate is floor-length, it can be said that this dresses is so long as 3 meters. The truth is, lace bridal dresses could be a variety of variety, like Beach Wedding Dresses . Even for evening dressesor bridesmiad gowns, lace is a good option.

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Brain damage was 'indisputable' in NFL's Dave Duerson

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Convinced he was losing his mind, former Chicago Bears safety Dave Duerson committed suicide by shooting himself in the chest so that his brain could be examined for the effects

of head trauma he absorbed while playing football.

Duerson, 50, who was found Feb. 17 in his Sunny Isles Beach condo, had the same disease diagnosed in other deceased NFL players, doctors announced Monday in Boston.

Duerson had chronic traumatic encephalopathy, a progressive neurological disorder that caused him to be depressed, forgetful and impulsive. He also complained of headaches and

blurred vision in recent years.

“Dave Duerson had classic pathology of CTE and no evidence of any other disease,” said Dr. Ann McKee, a codirector of the Center for the Study of Traumatic Encephalopathy at

Boston University’s School of Medicine.

“He had severe changes in areas that control judgment, inhibition, impulse control, mood and memory.

“It’s indisputable.”

McKee compared slides of Duerson’s brain tissue with those of other deceased athletes and pointed to the abundance of the telltale abnormal protein tau — which impairs and

kills brain cells — in the frontal and temporal lobes, the hippocampus and amygdala. CTE, caused by repetitive concussive and subconcussive blows to the head, leads to


beyond boxing

It was first described in 1928 in boxers and was called punch drunk syndrome but is now associated with football players. It is incurable and can be diagnosed only by autopsy.

McKee described Duerson’s case as “moderately advanced, stage 3 of 4.”

Duerson began playing football at age 8 in his hometown of Muncie, Ind. He played 11 seasons in the NFL and won Super Bowls with the 1985 Bears and 1990 New York Giants.

Among the notes he left inside his condo was a request to “Please, see that my brain is given to the NFL’s brain bank.”

Boston University’s CSTE, which has more than 70 brains of athletes and military veterans, is not run by the NFL but its research in collaboration with the Sports Legacy

Institute has been critical to changes in the league’s rules on tackling, formation of guidelines on concussions and consideration of medical claims by retired players.

Duerson himself served on the NFL Players Association disability benefits board that heard claims, and in 2007 he told Congress he was dubious of claims that cognitive

impairment was caused by football. He was also critical of the NFL’s harsher penalties for hard hits.

Duerson’s ex-wife and four children attended Monday’s news conference. His family wanted the diagnosis to be released publicly.

“We have been given the gift of closure,” said Duerson’s son, Tregg. “It is our hope that through this research, questions will be answered, questions that lead to a safer

game of football from Pop Warner to the NFL, better diagnostic tests and a cure.

“My father was a very accomplished man and with these accomplishments came many battles. It is my greatest hope that his death won’t be in vain, that his legacy will live on and others won’t have to suffer in this manner.”

In his post-NFL career, Duerson had been successful in the food services business, selling sausage to McDonald’s, then opening a meat-packaging plant. There was talk of him running for mayor of Chicago.

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Overview of English Law

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Britain is the birthplace of Anglo-American law, the legal system has a unique historical tradition and development. Currently implemented in England, Wales and Northern Ireland's legal system, is still representative of the common law system; the Scottish legal system has many features of civil law, is a mixed nature of the legal system, but still the highest legislative and judicial UK Parliament.

History can be divided into four development periods:
Anglo-Saxon Common Law period (5th century to 11 century, 60 years) to retain the British have a long period of slavery and the rule of the military tribes of the dispersion, followed by a number of existing embryonic succession of feudal kingdoms, powers are limited. Let the county court and one hundred parts of the court, according to Anglo-Saxon common law cases to summary trial decision, the principles vary, and when mixed with the Roman conquest of the principles of Roman law legacy; Christian Church also set up religious courts, according to the principles of canon law of marriage, inheritance and other cases. State and Church, judicial and administrative and civil and criminal, were not clearly separated. Fine punished for a crime instead of blood revenge and gradually, step by step instead of the gods judge under oath; began ten system and the embryonic form of HSP's jury system. The county court and one hundred courts in the main by the local gentry for the Elderly and military leaders control. Danish invasion had brought some of the Nordic Teutonic customary law, a greater impact in northeast England.

The formation of the common law period (11th century, the late 60's to 16) 1066 William Duke of Normandy conquered England, the establishment of the king as the center of the feudal land system, and gradually form a royal despotism, feudalism and greater development. In addition to Decree of the King released one of the few must comply with the law as outside the country, through the Kingdom of the jurisprudence of the Court and the Circuit Court, declared the country in some common law principles generally applicable common law; 14th century and through the establishment of Justice and after the development of equitable jurisprudence of the Court of Equity. Which gradually accumulate and form three sources of English law: statutory law, common law and equity (see the common law.)

The main purpose of the law is to maintain the feudal land system and the strengthening of royal rule, mainly for real estate law civil law, which provides various forms of land ownership, tenancy and inheritance systems; criminal law in felony maintaining law and order, UNPROFOR, the jury system both the development and establishment of magistrates, the court increased complexity of the system. Court has established a kingdom, senator Court, Chancery Court, the Star Chamber, the general court proceedings, inheritance and divorce courts, maritime courts, etc., though these courts are the king to rule, but on parallel tracks (see the English courts organizations). Size of the feudal lords own the power of the court, but also the circuit court for the king gradually, quarterly courts, county courts and magistrates courts replaced. Destruction of the Kingdom shall be treated as criminal offenses peace; civil plaintiff must obtain a warrant to the King party was prosecuted, and is limited to the categories provided for the king, the program fixed. Edward I (reigned 1272 ~ 1307) under the rule of law was enacted to develop the most. H.de Bracton 13th century (? ~ 1268) "written by English law and customary" in the summary of case law and interpretation of common law to Roman law, played a significant role. 16th century compilation of the London Inns of many years of "trial Yearbook", save a lot of common law jurisprudence. Equity appears, the rapid expansion of the scope, forming a parallel with the general wears the legal system.

Capitalization of common law period (17th-18th century), the British experience during this period the industrial revolution, the rapid development of capitalist production, the bourgeoisie established political dominance. However, the legal form and the judicial system did not make major reforms of the common law is a feudal gradual adjustment, made a new interpretation to suit the needs of capitalism. For example, the establishment of constitutional monarchy, the introduction of equality before the law, the principles of freedom of contract to facilitate the transfer of property and the use of simplified procedures for land sales, etc., especially for a large circle around the bourgeoisie to provide a legal basis for the land. Half of the 17th century, the famous Judge E. Koch published numerous books, including 1600 to 1618 published the "Law Report" 11 volumes and published in 1628 ~ 1644, "English Law Introduction", began to give the common law of capital Doctrine content for the common law into the legal basis for the bourgeoisie. W. Britain's first professor of common law, Blackstone (1723 ~ 1780), "written interpretation of British law," Volume 4 of the common law, made a comprehensive new interpretation. These works, whether in teaching or trial practice, have been regarded as a model.

Loans for People with no Jobs: Financial Support for Unemployed people

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The government of Great Britain has been trying level best to rein the crisis of unemployment as more people are losing jobs in the face of unprecedented shock of the market economy. The people may lose jobs, but it is the task of the nation to support them. The plight of these hapless men and women has been considered, and the financial market has created provision of loans for people with no jobs for the benefit of the unemployed people of England.

It is clear that the jobless people require financial support as they are humans like the employed ones. They require clearing medical bills or credit outstanding. They are to pay for the electric bill or for the telephone bill. Men who has been victim of lay off may have children whose educational expending cannot be stopped.

Loans for people with no jobs are available in two form, (that is, in secured and unsecured forms) according to the rules of the financial market. A jobless person may have valuable property of his own. He may like to mortgage his home against which he can get loans for people with no jobs. As this acts as a loan in the secured form, the interest rates are considerably low and the borrowers get flexible repayment tenure.

There are thousands of students and non-homeowners who are not employed. They are not in a state to show any document that they own valuable possessions. They will get loans for people with no jobs in the unsecured form. The difference is that they will have to pay the interest at comparatively higher rate. Usually, the lenders offer the loan amount between £100 and £1500 and the borrowers are to clear the loan within 7 to 30 days.

The people who get loans for people with no jobs are awarded with some special concessions: under payment, over payment etc. They are not penalized for common lapses.

The unemployed people should visit the websites which contain materials describing terms and condition for loans for people with no jobs.

They should go through the contents provided there, and find out favorable quote to apply for loans for people with no jobs.

The jobless people who have very poor credit score are also entitled for loans for people with no jobs.

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