Drink a business line? Teach new tactics maintenance lazy Americans

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Drink a business line? Teach new tactics maintenance lazy Americans

Entertainment "business lines"the topic of swirling speculation, so many women crazy, as if the cleavage is deeper, longer, on behalf of the business more successful. Some also said to be still young to the young models to work with friends to expand business lines similar to breast.

Many women do not mean the network share the results of running a business line, whether to eat, wipe, or use of fitness equipment in the hope chest UP again UP some. Breast Students can recommend a lotion with massage, SPA water column to create a beautiful breast shape; OL Hsiao Mi, said that she is to absorb nutrients through food, like peanut stewed pig, pork ribs soup green papaya, papaya milk, are Word of mouth is the printing of full breasts make delicious dishes.

Nicknamed "lazy Americans" is a model Cindy said she was impatient to do things, to expand a business plan is often halfway line, there are times when she went to work abroad and found that the concentration of a drink drink "real women の nutrient rich" , As long as the daily maintenance of the morning to drink a bottle after a meal, did not expect to buy now Taiwan is too convenient.

Industry, said, "real women の nutrient abundance" Sea of Japan to Taiwan Pingtung scientists selected high quality flower varieties of papaya, papaya tree, from which the juice extracted from the stem and flower, as containing a wealth of papaya enzyme, for women Development of great help to the chest, and added into the Kudzu powder, lactic acid bacteria ... and other plant herbal extracts, can be made ??through a proprietary technology of the vial of concentrated essence, declared that as long as women make up the business line of nutritional needs, the cup will be able to easily upgrade.

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